I stole this blog post from another fitness training facility’s website, and thought it made good sense. I think once you try a small group session, you will see the big difference between us and your typical bootcamp class.

6 reasons why Small Group Personal Training is better than an outdoor bootcamp:

1. Exercise Progressions 

Everybody is different. Some people can do push-ups, some people just can’t. Our experienced personal trainers have the knowledge to make any exercise more challenging or less demanding depending on the needs of each client. Regardless of which exercise progression you do, we will make sure that your form is correct and your chance for injury significantly minimized. Work hard, but work smart.

2. Experienced, Certified Personal Trainers 

Most personal trainers seem self- absorbed, somewhat flaky and unprofessional. John has been coaching clients for the past 12 years, and has the life experiences needed to understand the needs of each client. I am prompt, professional, and believe this is my career, not a hobby.

3. Assessments

We’ll record some benchmark measurements using our Tanita Ironman Body Composition monitor: weight, body fat percentage, metabolism and lean muscle. These measurements will give us some accountability as we move forward with your training. Results do matter.

4. Safe, controlled training environment

Running around outside during the heat and humidity of a brutal Austin summer doesn’t motivate me to work out. It probably doesn’t excite you either. Doing some sit-ups in your local park seems like a great idea until you realize that you plopped right down next to some dog poop.

If you like to do your personal training in a clean, climate-controlled environment where safety is the top priority and clients have easy access to a wide-variety of strength, cardiovascular and agility training equipment, then you’ve found your gym: Thrive Fitness.

5. Total-body workout programs

 Running, jumping around and doing push-ups are great, but there is so much more that you could be doing to be to improve your overall fitness and make your workouts more fun.  Our total-body, cross-training workouts will focus on the 7 key components of general fitness: strength development, aerobic conditioning, flexibility and mobility, balance, agility, core stability, and power/quickness.
We’ll use all kinds of cool equipment like dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, agility ladders and hurdles, plyometric boxes, training ropes and elastic bands.

Our workouts change every other week so you’ll never get bored.

6. Better relationships 

Do you even know the name of the person working out next to you at your bootcamp? When you work with just four other people, then you develop closer relationships with the other people in your group.

If you prefer to hide in the back of a large group and work out in utter anonymity, then perhaps an outdoor, fire ant-infested bootcamp is more your style. Our trainers learn more about you, your strengths, weaknesses and how to motivate you better. This high-level of support and camaraderie will get you through those days when you need a little extra motivation.

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