Educating the public on the differences between types of exercise can often be a difficult task.  People may notice that both programs include squats, lunges, and DB rows, and simply assume that the programs are basically the same thing. 

But if one program emphasizes proper technique INSTEAD of just doing reps until the clock runs out or until they hit a certain number of reps, then there is a huge difference in the focus of the programs.  Here are a few key differences between Thrive Fitness and some of the franchise fitness models such as F45 and Orange Theory. 

  • Thrive Fitness group sessions are smaller and allow for much better individualized coaching.  We typically have 4-6 members in a group, while Orange Theory may have 25 or more members in a class at one time!  This is a huge difference in how the program can be coached. 
  •  Thrive Fitness focuses on coaching PROPER movement skills, so that a person’s movement improves both at the gym and at home. Proper movement during exercise will ensure better results, fewer joint injuries, and it also encourages better body posture in our every day lives.  The focus at F45 and OTF is to get as much “work” done as possible in each class.  While some individual coaches at these programs may work hard to teach proper technique, the design of their programs rewards QUANTITY of work over quality of work.
  • High Intensity Interval training (HIT) gets a lot of positive coverage because it allows people to improve their aerobic fitness with short bouts of work and rest.  It can also help with after workout metabolism, and its appealing because it isnt boring!  But the right amount of HIT should be A LOT less than F45 and OTF program in their classes, as nearly the entire class is spent in high HR zones.  At Thrive Fitness, we also do HIT, but only for about 25% of most sessions.  For longevity and healthy aging, we should not be overdoing HIT in our workouts.  It will age us, lead to fatigue/burnout, and greatly increase the chance of overuse injuries. 
  • One of the keys to any good fitness program is an attention to INJURY PREVENTION as well as providing therapy for any existing injuries/pains.  Not all exercise is good, especially workouts that provide more RISK than REWARD.  If a workout program gets you hurt and leaves you sitting on the sidelines, then it has failed you.  At Thrive, we always take a look at each individual and decide what level of exercise is appropriate.  We want to help you get improved fitness, but not at the expense of risky movements.  We always want to assess the RISK – REWARD of any exercise that is assigned to our clients.  In a large bootcamp style class such as F45, people tend to be driven to keep up with their workout buddies, and that can often lead to injuries creaping in. 
  • A huge difference in the programs is that our program is designed HERE, in GEORGETOWN, not in a corporate office in another state.  So the formula that we use for our workouts is based on WHO IS IN THE GROUP SESSION!  Not a one size fits all format for anyone who walks in the door.  F45 and OTF have to hope that the local coach is talented enough to manage 25 members at a time and be able to customize properly.  That is a bit of a stretch to expect every day at each workout.  At Thrive, you are going to get the proper exercises assigned for your particular situation.  Our sessions are much more like personal training sessions. 

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