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ThriveFit New Client Process

This critical first step is our opportunity to get to know you better. Your life situation and possible hurdles, as well as your fitness background and goals. We will also assess your ability to do various exercises with good technique and pain-free.

Some people may feel a need for more 1:1 attention at first, to get up to speed before going into a small group format. We offer 30, 60, and 90 day personal training options.

To develop a lasting habit, we will encourage new clients to commit to days and times each week that work with their schedules.  We allow for flexibility of times, but want people to commit ahead of time for accountability. It is critical to establish a few months of real consistent attendance to make this last long term.

Based on our consultation and fitness assessment, we will design the first month of your new program. We will start out conservatively, to avoid injuries and setbacks, and then progress week to week as you improve.

This is a partnership between you and your fitness coach. We provide the guidance and the program design, but you do the hard work of consistent exercise. When you are having a bad day and considering not coming in, always remember WHY you are exercising with us and keep your eyes on the long term benefits.

You WILL improve week to week and month to month. Your coach will observe and assess during each session, so that your program evolves along with you. We will keep challenging you to improve.

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