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Functional Training with Purpose

Some people may train for a wedding or a reunion.  Others may train for a triathlon.  At ThriveFit in Georgetown, we are TRAINING FOR LIFE.  Our sole purpose is to help our clients improve and maintain their fitness so that they can do all of the things in life that they enjoy, both NOW and as they age. 

Every program, every session, and every exercise that we prescibe is directly tied to improving your strength, power, mobility, core stability, and cardio conditioning.

Our small group fitness coaching environment means you receive personalized guidance and exercise plans similar to personal training but at a much more affordable monthly rate. Each client has a customized program, based on exercise history, fitness level, lifestyle and goals.

Workouts are based on life movements – lunge, squat, push, pull, lift, rotate, throw – as well as conditioning, power, agility, and balance. ThriveFit will help you move, look, and feel better so you can enjoy your life to its fullest. 

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About ThriveFit

Since 2004, we have been designing holistic fitness programs, with the overall goal of improving clients’ quality of life through better functional fitness.

Our programs are sustainable and long term focused, rather than an attempt to “break” people through overly intense exercise sessions that contain too many random high intensity/high-risk moves.

John of Thrive Fitness showing client how to use TRX
"I have been a member for over 3 years and it was one of the best decisions of my life.
Come on in and check it out!
I guarantee you will love it too."
Tracy G.
ThriveFit Member

The ThriveFit Workout

Each portion of the workout, and every exercise chosen to be in the workout, will have a specific purpose and your fitness level in mind.  We encourage great posture and exercise technique, so that you move and look better in your every day lives. Our goal is to make you stronger, more mobile, more powerful, and more cardiovascular fit.

What we won’t do: Ask you to do an unrealistic volume of random exercises (ie 100 burpees) just to “kick your butt” with no purpose. You will not be asked to do exercises that are beyond your ability or add too much risk of injury.

man using a foam roller for mobility warmup


This is the first stage of each workout and is designed to help you loosen tight muscles, improve your flexibility/mobility, and improve performance for the rest of the workout.


Strength & Core

Exercises to help you maintain muscle mass, look better, look younger, and have better posture throughout the day.

young woman does squat plus wall throw with medicine ball


Humans lose power, or the ability to move objects rapidly, as early as age 30. Exercises for both upper and lower body power.

john using ropes for cardio


Exercises that burn body fat and promote a healthy cardiovascular system, improved endurance, and quicker recovery time.

"I've been attending 3 classes a week for a year and a half. I'm down 53 lbs and I am more fit than I have been in years. I couldn't have done it without John and Thrive Fitness."
Chris B.
ThriveFit Member

Fitness Tips

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young woman lifting barbell - three point row

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