With the growing influence of the internet, mobile technology and a world economy, people are expecting to get higher quality services for less money. We can see that in nearly everything around us, from McDonald’s being under pressure to deliver higher quality at a low price to software making our lives more efficient.

As a business, you either continue to evolve or you disappear. In the fitness business, customers are looking for customization of their exercise plans to meet their schedule, their goals, and their fitness levels. 

With our MODULAR Fitness model, I will be delivering customized fitness routines at a reasonable price. Gone are the days when you will have to spend $70-$100 an hour having a personal trainer watch over you. With the help of technology and an innovative program design, I can give you the fitness program you need and at the schedule you want. 

Every 15 minutes, a new group workout will be starting at Thrive Fitness. Gone are the days when you had to wait until that 5pm class started to get your workout in. If you have a break after dropping kids off at school, you can come to Thrive for your workout. If you want to get out of the office early on a Thursday afternoon, you can get a workout in before heading home for the night. 

I will design your workout program so that it is balanced between FOUR 15 minute exercise modules:  Strength, Core, Cardio, and Interval modules. Each workout, we will choose between these modules to design your custom workout. If you only have 30 minutes, then we will just choose two modules. If you have more time, we can pick three or four modules.  Some days you will do more strength training, and some days you will do more cardio.

Each 15 min module can be customized to your fitness level and goals. The basic format of the modules is set, but we can choose between several exercise options at each step. 

During your first month of membership, I will evaluate your ability to perform the various types of exercises and will assign a “level” for your workout. The trick is to exercise just enough and with just enough effort to get great results without causing injuries. 

My goal with MODULAR Fitness is to provide a personalized fitness routine, at a schedule that is convenient for you, and at a price that is sustainable. 

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