The Workout

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Functional Training with Purpose

We believe that everyone needs consistent daily movement mixed with focused exercise sessions in order to maintain youthful energy and a body that moves well and feels good.  ThriveFit workouts are your practice sessions for the game of life.

Every workout and every exercise has a purpose: strength, power, mobility, and conditioning to help you move better, feel better, and look better.

Maintain range of motion, improve mobility and balance, move more efficiently, and improve athleticism.

Regain or maintain youthful vigor, limit aches and pains, increased energy.

Improved posture and confidence in your body, maintain muscle mass, and lose fat in your core area.

fit older man smiling on exercise bike

Small Group Fitness

Most Thrive workouts take place during small group fitness sessions of 4-8 people. This allows you to receive personalized coaching as well as benefiting from a team environment and having the opportunity to build friendships.

man using a foam roller for mobility warmup


This is the first stage of each workout and is designed as a “warmup” and prep for the harder stages of the workout.

  • Foam rolling to loosen tight muscles
  • Dynamic stretching for ankles, hips, and shoulders
  • Prepares your body for the strength and power workout
  • Includes corrective movement drills to help you move and feel better outside of the gym

What it is NOT — your coach will never simply throw you on a treadmill for 10 minutes and tell you to “warm up.”

Strength & Core

Exercises to help you maintain muscle mass, look better, look younger, and have better posture throughout the day. Example exercises:

  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Hinge
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Core

What it is NOT — we don’t judge success based on the number of pounds you lift or an unrealistic number of repetitions.

We look at how great your exercise form was, not how many sloppy repetitions you can do. Only quality movement is rewarded and bad posture is discouraged!

young woman does squat plus wall throw with medicine ball


Humans lose power, or the ability to move objects rapidly, as early as age 30. Exercises for both upper and lower body power. Example exercises:

  • Jumping
  • Bike sprints
  • KB swings
  • Medicine ball throws

What it is NOT — we will not prescribe hundreds of burpees, lunges, and pushups simply with the goal of “breaking” you.

john using ropes for cardio


Exercises that burn body fat and promote a healthy cardiovascular system, improved endurance, and quicker recovery time.

  • Programmed by your individual heart rate and fitness level.
  • A reasonable volume of exercise to ensure you finish the workout on a high note.
  • Large variety of movements to prevent overuse injuries.
  • In addition to improving your cardio, conditioning is a whole-body experience: core, agility, power, and balance. 

What it is NOT — prescribing so many repetitions that no human can perform with proper and safe technique.

Customized to You

The ThriveFit program is customized to your unique strengths and weaknesses, exercise history, and personal goals.

Your coach will analyze your movements and determine the proper level of exercise.  Some exercises can bring a ton of benefits, but perhaps they are not safe for some clients. We will always err on the side of caution so that we lower the risk of injury during the program.

Our program provides personal training at an affordable rate in a small group environment.

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