No matter where you stand on the spectrum of coronavirus fear – from those who will not leave their house until there is a vaccine to those who think we should all go about our lives as normal – we all must admit that this virus is more than just the common flu. It is easier to catch and for some vulnerable populations it can be more lethal.

So with regards to your fitness programming choices, what do you do? We all know that the vast majority of us DO NOT exercise as well at home. Distractions interrupt our focus and there is no one there to hold us accountable. But do we want to go to a high volume gym or fitness class where we have no idea who the person next to us is or what state their health is in?

In a larger gym or larger group fitness class, it is nearly impossible to police everyone’s actions and keep enough space around you to limit your risk of catching a virus. There are just too many strangers in a small space to have confidence that all is well.

In contrast, our Thrive Fitness studio and workout program is designed to allow for a more stress free workout environment. Simply put, having fewer people in a session makes a huge difference in the level of risk for contamination.

Since all of our clients come to Thrive BY APPOINTMENT, we can easily control the volume of people in the facility at any one time.

Since your workouts are designed by us, we can easily control where each client is during each phase of the workout. No one will be randomly coming into your “space” like a normal gym.

And most importantly, since we have a tightly knit group of clients, there is more trust in each person doing the right thing and being aware of those around them. There are no strangers coming into the studio practicing different etiquette than the rest of the group.

It is a very controlled environment that ensures adequate spacing and cleaning protocols. The level of risk is most likely lower than going into your local HEB or sit down restaurant.

As you consider where to exercise in 2020, give Thrive Fitness a look. Not only is it is great fitness program, it is also a safe place to exercise.

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