It is a typical Monday morning at Thrive Fitness, and five clients are working out hard and wearing their MyZone hear rate monitors.  Up on the wall, a large TV screen is projecting their respective heart rates and effort levels.  Both client and coach keep a close eye on their progress as the heart rate stats tell them when to push harder and when to take a rest. 

Television screen showing 13 people's heart rate from the MyZone heart rate monitor

Our clients find the MyZone system fun and motivating as they compete against themselves to push harder and burn more calories in a given workout. For the coach, the Myzone system is invaluable since it helps to set a “cadence” to the workout and makes it more obvious who is working too hard and who could use a little motivation to go harder!  MyZone is just the latest way that Thrive FItness is creating the most innovative workout experience available. 

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