Small Group Fitness

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Small Group Training offers customized instruction, but at a “group rate”.  With groups that are usually between four to eight clients, we have the ability to instruct clients properly and offer solutions that meet each person’s needs. 

When you schedule your exercise sessions with us, you are free to pick the days and times that match your schedule. You are not tied to one “class time”. 

Most of our clients schedule between two and four sessions a week. It just depends on their lifestyle and availability.  Our program is an “unlimited” session format in that we don’t count how many sessions you do each month to determine your rate. You will pay a flat monthly fee for whatever amount of work it takes to get you to your goals. 

Small Group Training has been proven to have the best client retention rates — better than 1:1 personal training that is too expensive, and better than large classes or bootcamps that are not customized or flexible enough.  We provide the best value and in an environment that is fun, social, and supportive.

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