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The Thrive Program:  Move Better. Feel Better. Look Better.

We program a blend of STRENGTH, CORE, and high intensity INTERVAL training to give our clients the most effective workout available.  Workouts last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Our SMALL GROUP sessions (fewer than eight clients per hour) allow for an ideal amount of instruction as well as the energy of a group fitness environment.

Group sessions start at 6am and continue until 7pm on weekdays, plus Saturday morning time slots.
Clients are welcome to come as many times as they would like each week.

We focus on PROPER POSTURE AND EXERCISE TECHNIQUE for best results and for low risk of injury.  We pride ourselves on our LOW RATE of clients going to physical therapy!

We use the latest HEART RATE technology to pace our workouts and to ensure the best RESULTS.

For a similar price as Orangetheory, we offer a more customized and robust fitness solution.  (fewer than 8 per class compared to 25-30, larger space for more variety of training modes, each session customized)

John O'Connor -- Coach/Owner

John has over 15 years of experience working directly with wellness clients, and has the life experiences and technical knowledge to give you the best fitness program possible.  

He strikes a balance between working his clients hard to get fitness results, while keeping an eye on posture and proper body movements to create an environment that is safe and efficient.

John was previously an engineer in the tech world, and also an Army officer, so he brings a level of professionalism and intellect that keeps him striving to stay on top of the latest in exercise science.  

When you join Thrive Fitness, you can be assured that all of the workouts are well thought out to give you the best results in the safest manner.

Our Clients - the BEST Thing about Thrive Fitness

The best part about Thrive Fitness is our people.  We have a fun and supportive group of clients who make the workouts so much better than if you did this on your own.

It is a FACT that people succeed more with fitness when they are part of a team.  Our members hold each other accountable to keep coming week after week.

Our retention rate is close to 90% year to year, which is quite remarkable for a fitness facility.

Ready to make a REAL Change?

We are here to help you become the best version of YOU.  If you are interested to give Thrive Fitness a try, please fill out the contact information below and we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the program.