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We know that sticking with a workout routine takes a lot of will power and a focus on your long term health goals. In order to motivate and hold our clients accountable for their daily actions, we designed our THRIVE REWARDS program.  This program includes a point system where you can collect points for positive actions -- at Thrive Fitness and elsewhere. 
Some of the items that we help our clients track:
  • Workout attendance at Thrive
  • Effort level points on our MyZone heart rate system
  • Daily steps and sleep quality from fitness devices
  • Nutrition logging and adherence to goals
  • Weight loss and body composition changes
  • Blood pressure
  • Healthy habits -- adding good ones and dropping bad ones!
Our clients can compete against one another on our monthly leaderboard as well as win fun prizes from local Georgetown vendors.  With the help of our Thrive Program, fitness can be both rewarding and fun.