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Thrive Program
Thrive Fitness Georgetown is a mix between personal training and group exercise. We take the best of both worlds -- the customization of personal training and the energy of group exercise -- and put it together into one great fitness program. We take the guess work out of your fitness routine and design the workouts to optimize your time. Our sole focus is to get you the results you want, and much of these results are centered upon three things: feeling better, moving better, and looking better!

At Thrive, we believe that all of the support you need should be included in one monthly price.  Unlike most gyms that charge for a membership and personal training separately, we include your coaching, access to our facility, and fun group classes all in one reasonable price.  Each time that you walk into our facility, there will be a customized workout ready for you, as well as professional guidance anytime you want. We view our clients as partners, rather than members; there is a big difference, as to make the fitness program work well, it requires client and coach working together. 

During your initial meeting with us, we will discuss the recommended program for your experience level, fitness level, as well as schedule and goals.

Thrive Fitness Value

  • At a typical gym all you get is access to a bunch of machines and no guidance. And if you do want guidance, then you have to buy expensive personal training packages. 
  • An average personal training program would cost over $600 / month.
  • The Thrive program is less than half that price, AND we provide access to the most innovative facility in the area, fun group workouts, and cardio classes that are much more beneficial than getting on a treadmill at your normal gym.