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Bobby F. 57,  Local homebuilder/developer. 5:30P team.

I like the camaraderie of the team workouts, and that encourages me to make almost every workout. The workouts push me to do much more than I would on my own. At 57, I am in my best physical shape in many years and my overall health has improved greatly. I believe that much of my improvement is due to the high intensity circuit training that we do at Thrive. When matched up with my workout friends, I gain energy that helps me work into the “red zone”.  
I am now able to play basketball two times a week, and keep up with my two  teenagers. I am at the same waist size as I was in high school, and I have turned back the clock at least 10 years. During the workouts, we can push it 100 per cent and I can make it all the way through, all while having fun. Each week I look forward to working out at Thrive Fitness.
Paul J.  50’s.  Local Attorney, 6am team.

After years of struggling with weight management, the Thrive program has helped me to finally turn the corner. The workouts are a great way for me to start my work day. The workouts are real efficient in design; we do core training, strength exercises, as well as cardio intervals all in about 45 minutes. The cardio aspect of our workouts is very good for me, as that is something I definitely would not be doing on my own. The accountability of our weekly weigh-in, plus the competition against the other team members keeps me coming back consistently.   Since I started in Jan, I have lost 25 lbs in three months!  My goal is to lose 20 more and I am now confident I can get there.
Rob.  40’s, Cardiologist.  Afternoon teams.

The Thrive workout is a very balanced routine and touches every muscle from head to toe. It is challenging as well from a cardiovascular standpoint and the program incorporates the latest research to give our group the best bang for our time. The program is designed so that the coach can tailor the workouts to each person’s level. I would highly recommend this program to my patients because it is supervised and the groups provide a very motivating atmosphere. The program closely monitors your exertion level through the use of heart rate monitors and this gives people added support in a safe environment.