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About Us
John O'Connor previously owned Georgetown Fitness from 2003 until 2014. He opened Thrive Fitness when he realized there was a great deal of demand for fitness programs that provided the accountability and customization of personal training, but at an affordable price.  He wanted to start a business where every client is treated as a partner, and get the accountability and results that they desire. Thrive Fitness provides a stark contrast to the typical gym where people pay for a low priced membership and then typically get nowhere in terms of their health improvements.

Prior to opening Georgetown Fitness, John held a variety of corporate jobs. He worked as a Quality Engineer and Program Manager at Dell, a Manufacturing Systems Consultant with a small tech company, and as an officer in the US Army at Ft. Hood and Saudi Arabia.

John earned a Bachelor of Science degree at West Point and then an MBA at UT, Austin. 

By going through the peaks and valleys of both a corporate career and one as an entrepreneur, John has a unique background to relate to his clients as they make life changes for the better. He understands that to truly Thrive, each person has their own unique "formula". By adding exercise into the mix, the chances of Thriving go up exponentially.

John lives in Austin, TX, where he enjoys live music with his friends and hiking with his faithful campanion, Stella. 

Don't just exist, thrive!   (or how we became Thrive)

Georgetown Fitness was created in 2003 with the desire to offer a friendly fitness environment to the people of Georgetown. I had grown tired of the corporate gym environment where members are just “numbers”, and I wanted to create more of a fitness community where everyone feels like the gym is their “third place”. (home, work, our gym)

While providing a nice workout atmosphere is a special thing and somewhat unique in the current gym industry, I felt that it was time to create a more holistic health solution to the people that needed the support and accountability to improve their lives.

After over a decade of working closely with fitness clients, it became increasingly obvious that most people were struggling to get out in front of the hustle and stress of modern life. Even if I were to design the perfect exercise plan for these clients, they would not succeed in improving their health if they were struggling in other portions of their lives. Someone who was overeating carbs late at night would never be able to lose the weight they wanted to lose.  Someone who was stressed and not sleeping well at night, would not be able to perform up to their capabilities in the exercise sessions. To succeed as a fitness trainer and to have a positive impact on people’s lives, I realized that I needed to create a system to hold people accountable for other aspects of their personal health.

At the same time I was discovering these “life issues” in my clients, I was also feeling much of the same concerns about my personal health. Running a small business was starting to wear me down with stress, and I found myself eating/craving foods that I typically avoided. My exercise routine also become difficult to maintain. As I entered my 40s, somehow life had become more complicated and I saw my issues mirroring my clients issues. What seemed to simple in my 20s and 30s — to eat clean and exercise consistently — had become less of a habit and more of a burden. Injuries started to linger longer and aches appeared in strange places. I found myself existing day to day, without a clear plan of what was coming next.

I started to see a huge void in the fitness/health business. Something needed to be developed to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and fitness training. There is so much in between this gap that needs proper accountability and education. I started to research life coaching and wellness coaching industry and practices. I looked into accountability tools such as the Fitbit, heart rate monitors, wellness scorecards, and activity and nutrition journals. My goal was to develop a system where a wellness coach (me) could provide education and tools for clients to succeed.

Thrive is a perfect name for our new business model. It represents such a powerful message and vision of what we all can strive to become in 2014. I think we all need a little life coaching help to Thrive, but with a little accountability we can do so much better than just existing day to day. We can Thrive in many areas — stress management, rest and relaxation and reflection, exercise and movement, nutrition, social and family interactions, as well as having a purpose in life. I now feel strongly that all areas need to be addressed, or your wellness fails to Thrive.

At Thrive Fitness, our focus is unlike any other local gym in that we strive to provide a total health program to our clients. We have learned and evolved to the point where we realize a great workout isn’t about using a lot of exercise machines to do the work for your body; it is about taking our clients back to the basic life movements and reconnecting people with their core and their bodies overall. Rather than focus on having the latest elliptical machine or flat panel TV, our focus is squarely on providing the best exercise programs for our members.

We have come to realize that a growing segment of the population places a high value on their time. Rather than simply pay for access to a gym with machines and try to patch together a fitness program on their own, our clients prefer to be more efficient with their time and allow our team to design and administer their complete exercise program. We program design, coach, advise, motivate, track progress, and hold our clients accountable so that they get great results.  Most of our members are busy professionals, parents, and active seniors who come to us for a well thought out fitness program.

At Thrive Fitness, we use the latest science and research to develop the most efficient programs for our members. When you get a membership with us, you can be assured that your program will be well thought out and will take into account your unique schedule, health history, and fitness goals. We are constantly evolving and looking for better ways of doing fitness, as we want to give our clients the biggest bang for their buck and time.

John O'Connor, Owner and FItness Coach